- There is no universal default "opt-out" for classmate information that is the public domain, i.e., minimal Roster information.

- A classmate can "opt-out" by sending the webmaster a request to be completely removed from the Class of 1967 Roster. The webmaster will respond with a confirmation email.

- A classmate can "opt-in" with additional information shown on Roster page for an individual classmate.  Webmaster will respond with a confirmation after posting it to the site.

- Any classmate or their relative may post a story to appear in one of the categories.  The only rule is that the story must be "family friendly".  Any number of  pictures and virtually any amount of text may be included.  The submitted file must be in .DOC, .DOCX, .ODT or preferrably .PDF file format.  All samples will be screened for content including grammar and format. Examples have been submitted by Craig Hendrickson and Tim Comin as a loose guide if you choose to look at them.